Plazma Hakooh Sticks / Курительная смесь Innovative smoking blend for hookah

Plazma Hookah Sticks

Innovative smoking blend/mix for hookah which based on ecologically pure vegetable fiber, packaged in individual sticks.

The forces of wildlife are hidden in fruits and spices. By acting on them with the magic of fire, we release energies and revitalize emotions.

How to smoke

A few simple steps and you will enjoy the excellent taste of Plazma.
  • 01.Squeeze the contents of the stick into a glazed fanel
  • 02.Put kalaud with coals and a closed lid on the top
  • 03.Warm it well for 5-8 minutes
  • 04.Enjoy the excellent taste of Plazma


Introducе the flavors of Plazma Hookah Sticks.
The package contains 3 individual sticks of 14 grams, 1 stick is equal to one prosecutor.


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